L-Sixteen — Holes Challenges


The hole patterns of each L are different, allowing for a great variety of different themes. The following solutions were found by Robert Vermillion and Kate Jones.

  • Connect all the holes into a single path without side branches, detours or dead-ends.

  • Connect all the holes, keep the colors separated, and have no subrectangles.


  • Have a maximum of holes in half the tray and a minimum in the other half. These also have a solid vertical row of holes and non-holes paired in the center.

  • Improved solutions by Robert Vermillion, with a maximum of 26 holes in one half and only 6 holes in the other, and the two halves are oppositely congruent: rotate it halfway and the holes fit on top of the non-hole spaces, and the two colors are likewise rotationally congruent. The left solution has 3 colors grouped, and the right one has no subrectangles and all four colors are rotationally congruent.


  • Have a maximum of holes in the interior and only a minimum on the border.


  • Connect all the holes and all the non-holes (called "flagstones") into a single path and without subrectangles.


  • And the most spectacular solution yet: make the hole path and flagstone path congruent, and no subrectangles, as in this symmetrical double maze by Robert Vermillion:

We challenge our solvers to equal these results. Send us a drawing of your solution. If yours is different from those shown, you will win a prize. Send it by email, or snailmail to: Kadon Enterprises, Inc., 1227 Lorene Drive, Suite 16, Pasadena, MD 21122.

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