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Larger image of "Goose" side
and rules of play

Larger image of "Labyrinth" side
and rules of play
...researched by Peter Aleff

These two authentic ancient games, back-to-back on the same deluxe wood board, are the ancestors of all modern boardgames: "Labyrinth" from Minoan Crete, "Goose" from the Renaissance. Both are a race to the center. "Goose" is purely chance, while "Labyrinth" allows for backgammon-like strategies. The two-sided, 24" octagonal framed wood gameboard is handcrafted, with brass reinforcing brackets and a brass-finish carry handle. The superb quality carries through to 16 handpainted wood pawns, lively wood dice and a velvet cover. Suitable for 2 to 8 players, all ages.
$195 (plus $10 oversize shipping surcharge)

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"Goose" and "Labyrinth" are also available back-to-back on a 24" canvas banner, with 24 glass stones, wood dice and book, fabric drawstring tube, for 2 to 6 players. $68

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HEXDOMINOES® Paulo Bouhid, Kate Jones and Glenn Iba

This delightful rainbow set, all hand-inlaid acrylic, was an instant hit and never ceases to surprise us with its variations and versatility. The 21 double tiles ("dihexes") comprise all the ways 6 colors can be paired. Here's a sample tile. Add the 6 single hexes, one of each color, and a landscape of color matches, color patches, non-matches and non-duplications invites exploration. The hardest are solutions with no two of the same color in any row (the "Latin" arrays, like Sudoku with colors). Some things even 5-year-olds can handle, with relish. Build with 4, 5 and all 6 colors, and solve "Hexmate" patterns that challenge you to replicate them on the grids provided. Outside the 11" tray 89 other exquisite figures await, and you can create countless more. Three competitive games are included. For 1 to 5 players, ages 8 to adult.$95

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Memory matching game
This happy group has just 16 bears, with 4 colors, a sub-group of the 36 in the full Bear Hugs set with six colors. No two bears in the same row, horizontally or vertically, have the same color, nor arm and leg position. All laser-cut acrylic, 15"x15" reversible tray and display stand. Our youngest fan's mom displayed it in his nursery for visual stimulation and future fun. Color mix may vary. The same manual as for Bear Hugs provides endless fun. For 1 to 4 players, ages 3 to adult. $98
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Shown here at
3/4 scale to the
other puzzles.

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Pixel, was here
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