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The 30x24" smooth, sturdy canvas gameboard is screen-printed with the same image as the deluxe wood version. It's stretched between two rods and can hang on a cord as an eye-catching decorative banner when not being played. It rolls up easily for travel, and has the Game of the Labyrinth on the reverse side.

Up to six players can enjoy this classic "parlor game" that's fun for the whole family. The unexpected always happens in this purely chance game that's the ancestor of such long-time favorites as Chutes & Ladders, Candyland and Parcheesi.

When you land on a goose, it doubles that move. The Bridge on space 6 advances the player to space 12. A roadside Inn on space 19 lets the traveler tarry for one turn. The Well on space 31 delays the visitor for 2 turns. The Maze of space 42 makes the traveler lose the way and return to space 30. The Dungeon on space 52 holds the prisoner until another arrives and the two trade places, or unless the prisoner rolls a 9 and escapes to one of the fields with dice. And space 58, where a cooked goose appears in place of the traditional Grim Reaper, sends the player back to start. A lucky throw of 9 at the beginning of the spiral path advances a player to one of the fields with dice.

An exact count is needed to reach the center goose, or the player has to travel back the extra numbers. Landing on another player's space sends that player to where the new arrival began the turn. Could be backward or forward. Lots of laughs!

The beautiful, richly hued flat glass marbles look like gemstones during play. We chose the khaki-colored canvas for its natural antique appearance that fits any setting and because it won't show dirt.

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