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The 30x24" smooth, sturdy canvas gameboard is screen-printed with the same image as the deluxe wood version. It's stretched between two rods and can hang on a cord as an eye-catching decorative banner when not being played. It rolls up easily for travel, and has the Royal Game of the Goose on the reverse side.

Up to six players can exercise strategies of play, because Labyrinth is more than just a game running on luck. The two dice are counted and used separately, as in backgammon. So you can move your two numbers in any order, even with two different stones, and plan how to avoid the traps and take advantage of the boons. The rule book guides you through the many special fields and sets the mood of that ancient time and mythological lore.

The beautiful, richly hued flat glass marbles look like gemstones during play. We chose the khaki-colored canvas for its natural antique appearance that fits any setting and because it won't show dirt.

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