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...created by
Titus and
  • A work of art each time you play.
  • 5 times on the Games 100 list!
  • Games's "Golden Oldies" list, 1995.
The 85 handfinished wood hexagons represent all possible patterns of 3 paths with 3 colors. Match them by color to form long paths and score points. This great game leaves all participants feeling good, win or lose. Intricate puzzles of color symmetry or the longest single loop are included. A tailored felt bag holds the tiles during the game, and little bamboo hiding screens shield each player's tiles. For 1 to 4 players, ages 8 to adult. $135

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... created by Kate Jones

Curvy shapes of 1, 2, and 3 "rounds" and "bridges" fill the 5.75" acrylic tray in countless colorful ways. This puzzle has been one of our bestsellers since 1983. The illustrated booklet includes many variations for ages 5 to adult as well as rules for 3 games for 2 players. Color mix may vary. $32

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POLY-5TM   by Kate Jones

All the shapes of 1 through 5 squares in size (polyominoes orders 1 through 5) fill a 6" tray. The colorful lasercut acrylic pieces also serve for six games and hundreds of other puzzle shapes, as shown in the 52-page handbook. Here's an elegant alphabet. See also the special Anniversary designs we created with the full Poly-5 set for the 25th annual Maryland Renaissance Festival (2001), 50th annual Three Rivers Arts Festival, 40th annual Syracuse Arts & Crafts Festival, 40th annual Greensboro Christmas Classic (2013), 30th annual Verona Fine Art and Crafts, 30th CHAP convention, 50th annual Artsfest of Greater Harrisburg, and Kadon's own 30th Anniversary and 35th Anniversary. For 1 to 4 players, ages 8 to adult. Poly-5 is available in 5 color choices.$42

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HEXNUTTM JR.   by Kate Jones

Shapes made of hexagons joined are known as "polyhexes." Hexnut Jr. is a small hex ring with all the shapes of one to four hexagons in size, plus a selected quartet of fives. Its booklet is full of variations and other puzzle shapes to solve, plus a game for two players. The game is unusual in that the two players pursue different objectives. All acrylic with 7" tray, in 5 color choices. Suggested for ages 8 to adult. $39

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