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In the 1960s, this game was sold under the name, "Psyche-Paths," in die-cut cardboard. In the early 1980s Steve Titus, the son of one of the inventors, engineered a way to make the set by screen-printing on clear acrylic (Lucite) and saw-cutting. In 1983, Kaliko, then produced by the Tituses' company, Future Classics, won a place on Omni magazine's best games list. Since 1986 the game has been licensed to Kadon, who continued the look and quality of the Future Classics set, except for cutting out the tiles with laser rather than saw.

The acrylic version was retired in 2001. The most recent edition (shown above), as of November 2003, is printed on beautiful hand-finished blond wood and laser-cut. It's easy to see and clears up the problem of telling which side goes up.

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