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Specialty Bears

Kadon produces a lot of little gray bears, 3" high, as a by-product of the Bear Hugs set. These cute fellows find new purpose in many different ways. They can become: For Halloween 2011, we turned them into magnets and bookmarks, each an original artwork by Meshele Merchant. All of the bears shown below, in their amazing variety of costumes (no two are the same), have gone home with trick-or-treaters. In some future year we might make them again.

Bookmarks have a rope around their necks; magnets have a magnet on the back. Each of these also has the Kadon website address label on the back. It's a thrill for the kids to know there is something to explore and play with for free.


Halloween-themed bears

Well-dressed bears

Vampire Bears, in stylish pairs
Can you find the 7 matching couples?

Fanciful name tags
Created by a talented teen

If you would like to have some bears for purposes of your own, email us. You can purchase them blank for $1 each to decorate them yourself, or we can create designs for you, starting at $2 to $5 each. Inquire:   Specialty Bears.

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