Rombix Jr.: pretty patterns

Here are just a few of the symmetrical patterns that you can make with the Rombix Jr. set. Some have the colors grouped, some have the colors totally separated. They all have "rotational" symmetry. To get a swirly pattern, you can put either the four squares or the four chevrons or the four "boots" clustered in the center and work around them. There are hundreds more designs you can create with this little set, such as landscapes, animals, figures, as your imagination will suggest.

Here's a delightful pattern found by an adorable young visitor to our booth in Key Biscayne, FL, in 2013. She was clearly delighted with it, too:

Kaylee's collection

At our show in Siesta Key, Florida, on April 14, 2013, a little girl from a neighboring booth had a fabulous time hanging out with us and playing with Rombix Jr. Eight-year-old Kaylee kept coming up with so many cool patterns that we started taking pictures of them. Here she is with her collection; she especially liked making symmetrical designs. Note especially the intricate rotational symmetries and opposite-color symmetries:


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