Why and How We Play — An Exploratory Journal

Co-Editor:  Stephen Sniderman
Editor/Publisher:   Kate Jones

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Issue No. 1  (October 1999):   Pages 1-10

Mission Statement
Unwritten Rules, by Stephen Sniderman
Word Contest:  Double Duty
Puzzle Challenge:  Switching Knights
Game ProfileThe Power of Two

Issue No. 2   (April 2000):   Pages 11-23

The Game Is Afoot! by Warren Fahy
Family Resemblances, by Wayne Saunders
Two Word Games from John Blasdale
Lost Lives: The Illusion of Rules, by Darrell King
Finite and Infinite Games, reviewed by Jacob Davenport
How to play Chessence, by Stephen Sniderman
Word Contest:   Jumping for Joy
Down with Ties! by Stephen Sniderman
Game Profile: The Game of Y
A Rooky Puzzle:  And Then There Was One

Issue No. 3   (March 2004):   Pages 24-33

Archimedes' Stomachion
Feature Article:  Fair Game, by Stephen Sniderman
Game Review:  Quantum, by Mitch Thomashow
Annigrams, a new word puzzle by Kate Jones
Word Contest:  Starring...in Alphabetical Order, by Stephen Sniderman
Game Profile:  Lemma, rule-making meta-game by Kate Jones
Contest:  Narrow Passage, a hexomino puzzle by Anneke Treep
Puzzle:  Dissected Dominoes, by Michael Keller
Answers to No. 2 puzzles have been added to their pages:
Jumping for Joy and Rooky Puzzle

Issue No. 4   (April 2007):   Pages 34-48

News and Updates
Feature Article:  Fair Game, II, by Stephen Sniderman
Game Profile:  Six-by-Six, by Kate Jones
Game Review: Leap by Michael Keller
A concept game: Sequitur by Kate Jones
Poem:  The Mind of Man, by Jerry Andrus
How to play:  Tablaaza, by Andrew Perkis
Word Contest:   Ingredients, a nested words puzzle
Rules of Play, book reviewed by Stephen Sniderman
Readers' comments:  Lothar Jost | Joe Marasco | Stephen Tuell |
Charles Titus | Nancy Van Schooenderwoert
Challenge/contest:  Six-Tac-Toe, an underdog game by Stephen Sniderman
Nostalgia:  A Quarter-Century Retrospective by Kate Jones
Puzzle:  Dissected Dominoes II, by Michael Keller
Answers to No. 3 puzzles have been added to their pages:
Starring... | Dissected Dominoes | Annigrams | Narrow Passage


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