A novel word puzzle —

by Kate Jones



This is a triple anagram puzzle. How many different trios of four-letter words can you form out of the 12 letters? Do not repeat any word! We created this puzzle originally as a 45th anniversary memento for Fred and Inge Davis of Baltimore. The challenge was to find 15 trios, using 45 different words, starting with FRED INGE LOVE. Can you match our results, and in under 45 minutes?

You may want to print this page and cut out the letters, or use your Scrabble tiles.

Such puzzles are also fun to create. Find another group of three words of four letters that will form many triple anagrams, using a different letter assortment. It's especially nice if the initial three words have some humorous or communal meaning, like the sample above.

For Kadon's 25th anniversary year, 2005, we've added new Annigrams for you to play and maybe win a prize.


The Life of Games
No. 3 (March 2004)
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