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Children's Stories

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The Green Monster
by Warren Fahy
Illustrated by Ashby Manson

A green monster lives in a cave, afraid of the sun. The joy of cheerful children tempts him to see the light. A tale of courage and change...

Copyright 1999-2014 by Warren Fahy and Ashby Manson.  All Rights Reserved.


Carl the Genius
by Warren Fahy

Some of Carl's latest invention is starting to work, but Carl hasn't quite figured it out yet... To get an advance peek at Carl's Planet Hopping Chair, read and participate in this preview story.

If you want Carl to hurry up and finish fixing the machine,
e-mail to Warren here!

Copyright 1999-2014 Warren Fahy. All Rights Reserved.


The Rainbow Cannon
by Robert P. Vermillion, Jr.
Illustrated by Kate Jones

Seven rainbow-hued bunnies are in charge of creating rainbows across the heavens with their special rainbow cannon while seven gray bunnies create rain with their cloud-making cannon. See what happens when a little jealousy arises...

Copyright 2015 by Robert P. Vermillion, Jr.   All Rights Reserved.


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