The Blizzards of February 2010 at Kadon

The unusually cold winter of 2009-2010 brought several heavy snows to Maryland, early and often. Kate made her annual escape to Florida from a cleared driveway on a clear January morning. The cold seeped its icy fingers far into the south, and Miami hovered in the 30s for over a week. Good thing the heater in Kate's hideaway worked.

The first show, in Boca Raton, opened to 32 degrees and freezing rain. On Saturday the organizers called it quits at 1:30PM. Sunday was only slightly more bearable, cold but dry. We were warmed by the thought that the folks up north were getting frostbite shoveling snow.

A big one smothered Maryland on February 6, dumping 23 inches in a few hours. A few days later, 20 more inches came down. Here's a view of the obliterated Kadon driveway, walkway and front yard. The lamppost acts as yardstick. (Photography by Dick Jones.)

February 6 — Deep

February 11 —Deeper, check the lamppost

Biggest icicles ever, like a frozen waterfall

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