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In the Fall of 2000, The House of Business magazine requested to do a feature story about Kadon's unusual way of doing business. Mary Alice Gallagher interviewed Kate and wrote a sensitive piece to accompany the incredibly professional photography of Richard Anderson. The photo shoot took about 6 hours, and the printed article in the April 2001 issue covered 5 large pages.

Here are just three of the views Mr. Anderson captured of the extraordinary aspects of the place, which we show through his courtesy of making them available.

Puzzles are everywhere

One of many archways in the Moorish style building, with games and puzzles everywhere in evidence.

The grand ballroom, party room, dance studio

The grand ballroom, party room, meeting hall, dance studio, part of an addition built in 1990.

The Pillow Room is for playtesting, conferences, informal dining, guest sleepovers, and hanging out

The Middle Eastern style Pillow Room, presided over by Ivan the Polar Bear, has seen many games, puzzles, inspired conversations, snoozing and picnicking.

Valentine's Day 2006 saw a snowy smothering of much of the Northeast. We offer some views of Kadon's white-swathed exterior, photographed by Dick Jones.

Several blizzards in February 2010 deposited about 5 feet of snow, blurring most features and contours of the landscape in a silent embrace. The build-up lasted for weeks. Photos by Dick Jones.

A record blizzard dumped over 2 feet in one day in January 2016, muffling most of the Northeastern U.S., including Kadon's Maryland HQ. Dig we must. Photos by Dick Jones.

For the Joneses' 37th wedding anniversary, Kate gave Dick a kinetic sculpture, "Split Circles," by Susan Pascal-Beran. Its three circles have variable motion, with the center pair going not only horizontally but vertically. The funnels catch the breeze to propel the movable parts independently of each other. The metal sculpture hangs in the high corner of the cathedral-ceiling livingroom, with spotlight and fan to keep its infinite interplay of movements and directions in view as a reminder that he is the wind beneath her wings, and that she makes his life an ever-changing adventure. Here's a moment in its motion:

Susan Pascal-Beran's mobile sculpture
Photo by Dick Jones


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