Celebration of Mind 2019— at Ye Olde Gamery

All photos by Art Blumberg

Kadon's lively and spacious gallery of playable art and recreational math puzzles, Ye Olde Gamery, once again hosted one of the many official events world-wide honoring Martin Gardner (October 21, 1914-May 22, 2010) on or around his birthday. Ye Olde Gamery is part of the annual nine-weekend-long Maryland Renaissance Festival in Crownsville, Maryland.

For the final weekend of the 2019 Festival season, we dedicated the entire two days as a Celebration of Mind for Martin Gardner and his legacy. A special banner and Martin's picture adorned the large wall. The medieval decor, chandeliers and costumes all add to the atmosphere. This year happened to be Kadon's 36th year of participation and 40th anniversary of the company. A huge number 40 banner adorned one of the walls.

Hundreds of visitors came and played and learned about Martin and math and puzzles. Customers also received updated copies of the award-winning 40-page Renaissance catalog Kate had designed and written in Shakespearean verse to suit the Renaissance theme, plus a nicely illustrated fact sheet about Martin and our puzzles, highlighting some of our historical games, and a copy of the Pentomino/Sudoku birthday cake puzzle as this year's special souvenirs.


As we like to say as often as possible, Ye Olde Gamery represents the intellectual side of the Renaissance — an oasis of thinking, logic, math, geometric tilings, the fun of discovering new ideas and important truths, and the solving of beautiful challenges.

All day long, large crowds of visitors engaged in eager play, instructed by the Gamery's well-costumed expert crew.

Here are some snapshots of the action inside the Gamery, staffed by our expert crew, some of whom have been helping for over 20 years. We thank them fervently for long participation and friendships. On hand this weekend were Elijah Allen, Thomas Atkinson, Sue Bare, Art Blumberg, Dick Jones, Eileen Shaivitz, Katrina and Hans Weidig, and Steve Zeve. (Hover over images for descriptions.)


Happy birthday, Martin Gardner!

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