40th Anniversary Award for excellence and dedication to: Maryland Renaissance Festival

Kadon designed and presented a special award in admiration and gratitude to the five Smith brothers and their father, who founded and have managed the Maryland Renaissance Festival for 40 years. The award was in the form of our 40-piece Deka-Star puzzle inscribed with the names of the Smith family: Jules, Justin, Mark, Adam and Jonathan. We presented it in the name of all the shopkeepers of the Village of Revel Grove, the mythic locale of the festival.

While the design shows a circle of the numbers 40, the one at 6 o'clock reads "XL". You can pronounce it like "excel", or realize it's also the Roman numeral for 40. It's a visual pun.

The further part of the award was a scroll with a Proclamation at the top and space for all the signatures in the village, along with the number of years each shop owner had participated. The total number of years of all participants came to 2148. Shane Odom, a long-time participant who knows everyone in the village, heroically took on the task of collecting all the signatures.

A special presentation ceremony took place on October 16, 2016, on the Lyric stage with many artisans in attendance as Jules Smith received the 4-foot-long scroll and the puzzle from Kate Jones. Jules warmly expressed his thanks to all the artisans, acknowledging that without them there would be no festival.


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