Michael Dowle's Octiamond Ring artistry

In 2022, Michael Dowle, a British scientist and one of England's top puzzle designers, created a Valentine's collection of hearts with marvelous symmetries. We are excited to present his solutions here. Two slightly different outlines are filled with the complete 66-piece octiamond set. Each octiamond consists of 8 equilateral triangles. The hearts can also be bisected to make "broken" hearts. See their amazing combinations.

Broken hearts can be mended. See how a mere two pieces can hold two halves together.

Even more complex, the saw-tooth "broken" hearts are joined by just two pieces.

The "broken" hearts may even be invisibly mended with 5 pairs of octiamonds joined as a center seam. See how each pair is also symmetrical:

Michael catalogued 53 symmetrical pairs that could also be used to hold two halves of hearts together:

May loving hearts surround you every day of the year. Our warm thanks to Michael Dowle for these beautiful puzzle designs.

In December 2020, Michael sent us this amazing Christmas wreath and kindly included a solution sketch.

See also Michael Dowle's beautiful Cookie Jar puzzle you can order here.

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