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Symmetrical solution of Marshall Squares in jagged diamond tray

Toby Gottfried and his trusty computer are finding the neatest patterns for Marshall Squares. The one above has nearly perfect symmetry, with one color as its own mirror image and the other four colors paired in opposition. Notice the locations of the solid tiles. Toby's computer found a total of 23,558 solutions for this shape.

Here is a 5x5 solution with a central solid tile. This rare bird was identified by all three researchers—William, Jacques and Toby. The image is courtesy of Toby. Notice that you can jump between all 5 solid tiles using knight's moves.

One of just 3 solutions with central solid-color tile

In the solutions below, found by Kate Jones "by hand," the five solid-color tiles march up the steps on the left side.

Pyramid with solid tiles on ascending steps

Stairs with solid tiles on ascending steps

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