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For her 70th birthday party in May 2009, Kate designed a souvenir puzzle of 70 square tiles and presented it to the guests in printed paper form to cut out the pieces and solve several figures. The pieces and figures are shown below, and you are welcome to print them out for yourself and play. Print it as big as will fit on two sheets of paper. Or you can order a custom-made, limited edition, deluxe acrylic set. Inquire about availability and cost.

The tiles are all the possible ways that four elements can mark the sides of the square: blank, wide arrow, tall arrow, circle. The tiles are to be put together so their edges match by type wherever they touch. Make a 7x10 rectangle, or a single long streamer, or a squarely wavy path, or a square spiral, or the gamepuzzles W logo, or whatever tickles your imagination.

Tiles of the LXX puzzle, part 1

Tiles of the LXX puzzle, part 2

Tiles of the LXX puzzle, part 3

Tiles of the LXX puzzle, part 4
LXX Puzzle figures


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