Exhibit: 2017 Joint Math Meetings

Photo by Alex Streif

Kadon exhibited a small selection of our gamepuzzles at the 2017 Joint Mathematics Meetings in Atlanta, GA. The Hyatt Regency's huge ballroom had booths by book publishers, math organizations, and even Facebook. Our tiny but invitingly colorful display on a single table was well received and visited.

Several student teams competed for prizes and reported to our booth for answer verification and for their winnings. Their challenge was a logic puzzle of working out where the numbers 1 through 9 had to fit within a pattern so that correct sums were obtained. We awarded the top team four prizes: Instant Insanity, Block by Block, Mudcrack Y and Poly-Y, and a deck of Renaissance playing cards. We don't know how the four winners chose to divide their loot.

A notable visit was from a dear customer who mentioned that her family has been playing Kaliko all the time for the last 20 years, till their clear acrylic set was nearly worn out, and she was happy to upgrade to our new wooden set, which makes it easy to tell which side is up.

Another notable visit was from a student of our great customer, Dr. Andy Liu, who taught in Canada and has retired and is donating his entire collection of puzzles to an educational institution in China, where a special room will be set up just for our puzzles. Andy has every design we ever published and will surely continue to keep track of our new releases. We wish him a happy and fruitful retirement.

There were hundreds of presentations and workshops through four dizzying days for the nearly 5600 mathematical attendees. One session featured mathematical poetry, and Kate read her "Love Mathematics" fib verse during the open mic period.

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