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Another hidden clue--we hide things in open view!
The Gamepuzzles website is filled with such surprises. It's really a playground in its own right, in addition to a gallery full of beautiful puzzles to buy that you won't find anywhere else.

  • There are dozens of hidden puzzles and contests sprinkled throughout. Some are quite tricky to find, but if you manage it and email us as directed, you could win an award, a unique little trophy, and you get your name on the Solvers' list.

  • You'll need to do quite a bit of exploring around this labyrinthine website to catch on to where the hidden treasures lurk. Hint:   Many are listed on the Site Features page.

  • The various Mini-Quizzes you can find linked from the Index page, and all of them are still open.

  • Several of our puzzles also have unsolved challenges, and these are open to the world. For their answers we will award a very nice prize. Look in the product descriptions for such research opportunities.

All of our products have extensive challenges, from introductory to extremely complex. Each can provide a lifetime of entertainment and mindstretching fun. You may be sure that each one you purchase will give you years of surprises. Check them all out. Some are playable online (look for PLAY buttons), and some may have answers to the hidden riddles!

Look carefully—successful solvers have described us as seriously sneaky. Happy sleuthing!

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