Our industry salute, 2009 — to Looney Labs, Inc.


Photos by Thomas Atkinson

Kadon in 2005 created a special industry award the Gamepuzzles Originality, Perseverance and Leadership Salute to be presented to another game company on a notable occasion, in recognition of extraordinary merit. We are happy to present this award in 2009 to Looney Labs, Inc. and their awesomely creative and hard-working principals, Andy Looney, Kristin Looney, and Alison Looney, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary (1989-2009) of the creation of their first game, Icehouse. This brilliant innovation of real-time, non-turn play using pyramids in 3 sizes revolutioned how people play games. Here's their brief history of the Icehouse saga.

The Icehouse game system begat a whole culture of other games, a science fiction novel, and a community of fans who have also contributed hundreds of game ideas and new ways of using the pyramids. Looney Labs has created an environment of consistently excellent game play, intelligent fun and challenging concepts. We salute them!

Their award is an original Kadon design of two modular laser-cut Lucite pyramids on a laser-engraved base where their "footprint" forms XX, the Roman numeral for 20 (shown below). The four differently hued parts of the two pyramids can be paired in more than one way. And the shape and color of the base are in the spirit of the Looney logo.

We wish the Looneys many more decades of creative endeavor and success as an independent game company, and a permanent place of honor in the history of game invention.

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2021 Update... Looney Labs and their principals, Andy and Kristin Looney, celebrated the 25th anniversary of their founding in 2021. We designed a special award of 25 colorful pyramids on a silver tray and presented it to them along with our special industry award, the Gamepuzzles Originality, Perseverance, and Leadership Salute. Read the whole story.

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