Gamepuzzles Annual Pentomino
Excellence Award for 2016 —
"Pent Words" pentomino-filling crossword puzzle

In 2005, Kadon established a special annual award to be presented to the individual or organization that created the best new pentomino or polyomino idea of the year. Each award is a unique custom design.

For the year 2016, the award went to Grant Fikes for his "Pent Words" crossword puzzles, published in Games magazine. Here is a sampling of his brilliant idea. Not only do all horizontal rows contain words reading left to right, but the five letters inside any pentomino also spell a word:


Grant's 10x10 solution (above) has 20 pentomino shapes, including several duplicates, notably the helpful P pentomino. His award, on the other hand (left), contains exactly one of each of the 12 plus a 2x2 tetromino in an 8x8 square. Horizontal rows have one or two words, some overlapping, and each pentomino contains a 5-letter word. We included a leaflet of the major figures to build with the set, and a gameboard for playing the 2-player game we call SquintTM borrowed from our Quintillions set. In our solution, Grant's name occupies our trademark W.


A formal certificate accompanied the award:

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