Archimedes' Square, "Stomachion":
the 536 solutions


These are all 536 solutions of Archimedes' Square, as identified by Bill Cutler on October 31, 2003. This neat layout, courtesy of Joe Marasco, fits on a single sheet of paper. The highlighted solution at N6 is the standard one usually seen, and the way we package it and the one to which we assigned the 3 colors. This chart lets you compare any solution you've found, to verify that it already exists. Remember, rotations and reflections are not counted as different.

Because "536" can be read as May 36, that's five days past May 31, Joe Marasco has proposed that June 5 be declared as Archimedes Day and celebrated annually in honor of the man who gave us not only the Stomachion but a huge number of other mathematical inventions. We're happy to endorse this day of celebration.

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