Fancy heptominoes solutions by Nick Maeder

Nick Maeder sent us this gorgeous collection of his solutions with the 108 heptominoes. First came a parallelogram with a single space in the center and rotational symmetry of the entire otherwise solid figure.

Shortly afterward, we received some more cool solutions from Nick Maeder—the incredible star-shaped figures, Morning Star and Binary Star, a triangle trio, a tree and a diagonal triangle. Nick wonders whether there are other regular shapes with the features of symmetry and center hole. We offer this question as a challenge to the world. If you find another symmetrical shape with the 108 heptominoes with a single central hole, send us your solution and win a prize.


And then Nick added this amazing collection of other exquisite solutions, a veritable art gallery of heptomino masterpieces. Congratulations to Nick on this breathtaking achievement. Hover over pictures for descriptions:

On this "almost round" figure, note the lovely symmetry of several pieces on the vertical center line.

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