La Ora SteloTM:   Contest 2

Prize Competition!

Jacques Ferroul is offering three new La Ora Stelo figures in Contest 2. Details below.

Be the first to submit a solution to any one of the three figures below and we will send you 25 dollars:

  • Spinning Star
  • Classic Penta-Star
  • Pointy Decagon with rhombic holes

    The figures:

    Send us your solutions

    We wish you successful solving and await your solutions! Will you be the one to win the prize? The earliest postmark/email date of a correct solution wins. Email your solutions as electronic image files to Jacques Ferroul or to Kadon Enterprises, Inc., or mail drawings on paper to:

    Kadon Enterprises, Inc.
    1227 Lorene Drive, Suite 16
    Pasadena, MD 21122

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