50th Anniversary Award for excellence in craftsmanship to: Käthe Wohlfahrt

Kadon presented a special award in admiration of the Käthe Wohlfahrt company of Germany for 50 years of crafting beautiful wood ornaments, gifts, toys and useful objects. The award was in the form an all-wood version of our Poly-5 puzzle with the numerals 50 embedded in acrylic gold mirror in a golden frame.

The announcement of the award was made from the Village stage, with Kate at the microphone accompanied by market director Thomas Bauer and the Käthe Wohlfahrt showroom manager.

The huge white tent held many exhibits and was festively decorated, including that grand Christmas tree. The Kadon display occupied a tiny stall dwarved by the big banner bragging of our 35 years in business:

Kate and Wohlfahrt representative pose with award. Note the beautiful multi-tiered wood carousels in the background that Käthe Wohlfahrt is famous for throughout the world. They run on candle power!

The unexpected award was a pleasant short interlude in the many Village entertainments and festivities. Kate and market director Thomas Bauer (below) enjoy the moment.

All photos by Eric Bare

A formal certificate accompanied the award. Here's a small replica of it:

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