Rules of play: Throw A Fit

Each cube has a different color pattern. Frequency of any color varies from 1 to 4 sides. Your chance of rolling a color plays with statistics and probability, depending on how many faces have that color. Roll all ten cubes, collect those of your chosen color and set them aside. Roll the remainder and keep adding any more you get, for up to 5 rolls. Any roll of all the same color side up gets you a free roll.

Your point score is assigned on how many cubes you got over a par of 6. One over is 1 point; two over is 3 (1+2), three over is 6 (1+2+3), and four over (all 10 rolled to your color) is 10. Do it in less than 5 rolls and get 10 bonus points for each roll short of 5. First player to reach 100 points wins. Picking the right color to go with can be a real challenge.

An elegant group of puzzles for Throw A Fit is to build a 2x2x2 cube with any 8 of the dice so as to model the color pattern of any of the 10 individual cubes.

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