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For the 8th Gathering for Gardner, held in Atlanta, Georgia, in March 2008, Kate designed a set of 8 cubes, each with 8 colors, with the challenge of arranging them in a single row (or tower) so that all 4 long sides show all 8 colors. Huh? Eight colors on a cube? Well, see, two faces (on opposite sides) are split diagonally and share two colors. The cubes shown below are not an accurate representation of the actual color distribution.

This one-of-a-kind set was on display in the exhibit room for hands-on play, as a curiosity, not a product. At least one person did solve it. Sorry we don't know who, or we'd give kudos.

Here is the instruction sheet that was included with the display.

Leaflet for the Octachrome Insanity puzzle


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