The Royal Game of the Goose
and The Game of the Labyrinth

This two-fold whimsical adventure treat
Replays the classic tribulations well:
Roll ye the dice, advance along the path—
Grab ye the boons, beware mischance's wrath!
The friendly geese will speed thee straight and true,
But flee the cooked goose, or ye start anew.

The Labyrinth an ancient journey be
Translated from the tablets found on Crete.
The Cosmic symbols trace the path to Heav'n.
Thy four youths must prevail 'gainst ominous fate
To reach the safety of the inmost gate.

Grand 24" wallhanging: framed wood board with
sculptured figures, wood dice, fabric cover.

24" canvas banner on rod, with cord to hang,
marbled stones, wood dice, slip-on cover.

A tale is told of wonderlands of mind
Wherein as through a looking glass of thought
The traveler meets with marvels past recount.
A wordgame for a chessboard? Yes, indeed!
So Lewis Carroll's fertile brain opined
And Martin Gardner's skillful sense defined.
Now let the letters stalk about like queens
To range themselves as words upon the board.
Two players vie to weave the "spell" that scored.

"Tablecloth" gameboard, pouch of alphabet disks.

The Renaissance Deck
Peerless artistry of ancient craftsmen in 32 exquisite panels recaptures the tale of William Tell. Genteel tradition, found in Europe's finest parlors and gaming salons. Fabric pouch, booklet for game rules and Patience.

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