Liberty Cubes Puzzle

For the 32nd International Puzzle Party, held in Washington, D.C., in August 2012, Kate designed a thematic puzzle to look like the Washington Monument, built of 7 cubes with the letters L-I-B-E-R-T-Y and a few other letters on their faces. A little fold-up cap was included to place on top. We thank Meshele Merchant for the painstaking job of handpainting all the letters on 42 faces of 110 sets—that's, count them, 4620 letters!

When solved in the most successful way, so that, like a 3D Sudoku, all 7 letters appear on all 4 walls, an additional secret word can be found. Below we reproduce the instruction leaflet that accompanied the puzzle. We have a few sets of this limited edition still available, while they last.     $29

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If you stack the 7 cubes so that the four sides have the letters in the order shown, you'll get a nice partial solution. Now the letters will not all be so neat and vertical; they could be turned sideways and upside down, every which way. Don't get dizzy!

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