Game inventor: Jacob Lettie

When he designed StarHex-II, Jacob Lettie was a high school student who enjoyed mathematics, music, and juggling. He is fascinated with the complexity of combinatorics that arises from simple concepts, which led him to Kadon and puzzle development.

Always fascinated with Archimedean solids and tilings, Jacob received the inspiration for StarHex-II while studying tilings that were created using not one, but two shapes, similar to Kadonís own Roundominoes series. Settling on a tiling of triangles and hexagons, Jacob worked out his idea into a full puzzle set. When he offered it to Kadon, it was warmly received as a highly compatible member of the family of polyform sets Kadon is intent on developing.

We have high expectations of Jacob's future creativity and accomplishments as he goes on with his education and career. Stay tuned.

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