Other Heptominoes solutions

Over the years that we've been making these larger polyomino sets, we keep finding solvers with amazing skill and determination. Here we are pleased to show the accomplishments of some of our remarkable puzzlers and their awesome results. In fact, the number of websites and Facebook pages dealing with such extravagant solution designs keeps on growing, too. Check out the sites linked below.

Livio Zucca shares his ideas on several Facebook pages and notably on Puzzle Fun founded by Rodolfo Kurchan. Here are a couple of Heptomino arrangements by Livio with concentric symmetrical subsections, a 3-level and 4-level. Livio admits that he has some assistance from a faithful old computer and solver program.



Livio's solutions inspired Edo Timmermans to go even further, creating this gorgeous 5-level ring of the 108 heptominoes, posted October 27, 2020, on Facebook:

Nathan Hyder sent us this photo of his solution. Notice the three single squares are arranged symmetrically in the center. Judging from where many of the chunkier, easier pieces are grouped, we can see how Nathan filled up the outside edge first and worked his way in to a single open area, saving the best pieces to the last. Congratulations, Nathan!

Patrick Hamlyn found this amazing division of the 108 heptominoes into 12 groups of nine pieces, each forming an 8x8 square with a single hole each. Congratulations, Patrick!

Lewis Patterson is a life-long polyomino fan, and this propeller symmetry is just one of his many heptominoes achievements. See more on his blog, including the even more grueling sets of the 369 octominoes and the 1285 enneominoes.

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