The 2018 Gamepuzzles Annual Polyomino Excellence
Award to Raf Peeters for Penguins on Ice


Kadon established a special annual award to be presented to the individual or organization that created the best new pentomino or polyomino idea of the year. Each award is a unique custom design.

For the year 2018, the award went unanimously to Raf Peeters for Penguins on Ice, an ingenious assembly puzzle where the ice-like pentomino tiles shape-shift and carry their penguins to the right spot.

The interactive award plaque was designed by Kate Jones and custom-made by Thomas Atkinson with the Kadon laser. The pieces in it are movable and playable. They can spell Raf's name on the front of the plaque, and they assemble into a square on the back.


The formal plaque with inset "letters" (above), and the letters forming a square (below).

A formal certificate accompanied the award. Congratulations, Raf! And kudos to Smart Games for making and marketing this great puzzle.

Update, September 2019—Raf sent us this wonderful solution he found with all colors separated:

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