Gamepuzzles Annual Polyomino
Excellence Award for 2014 —
"DoubleEntendre" Pentominoes


In 2005, Kadon established a special annual award to be presented to the individual or organization that created the best new pentomino or polyomino idea of the year. Each award is a unique custom design.

For the year 2014, the award went to a mysteriously named Italian designer, "LordMinimal Impossible", for an ingeniously made set of "DoubleEntendre" pentominoes. When formed correctly into a 6x10 rectangles, the 12 pentominoes display a secondary solution painted on top where each pentomino has a different color. Thus each actual pentomino carries multiple colors that are matched up in groups of five to form a virtual rectangle. Here are LordMinimal's pieces:

And this is the rectangle they form:

Notice how each fake pentomino has its own color, so there is no way to mix up which pieces belong together.

Our award to LordMinimal is not that cooperative. We designed him a set with only four colors, and a different solution appears on top and bottom of the actual pieces (heh heh). We may show that solution here once LordMinimal has solved the nearly impossible. His award was presented scrambled in an elegant polished wood case. Note the very long region of a single color:


A formal certificate accompanied the award. Congratulations, LordMin! And kudos to Tamás Vanyó for inspiring this design with his jigsaw-style pentominoes.

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