Gamepuzzles Annual Polyomino Excellence
Award for 2004 — to Eric Harshbarger


During its 25th anniversary year, 2005, Kadon created this annual award to be presented to an individual or organization that published the best new pentomino or polyomino challenge of the year.

The first-ever recipient, for the year 2004, was Eric Harshbarger for his "Enclosed Triplets" problem, which started from a simple premise—embed a trio of identical pentomino holes in a rectangular or regular shape formed of the 12 pentominoes. The elegance of the concept consists of having the same shape solved in turn with each of the 12 pentominoes serving as the triplet. This problem opened up several new avenues of investigation, as you can see on Eric's website. Here is a simulation of the certificate we presented to him:

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