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G = 7
Two Pentomino Challenges

presented by Kate Jones
for the attendees of Gathering for Gardner VII
March 16-19, 2006 – Atlanta, Georgia

The 12 pentominoes
G7 = the seventh gathering.
G is the seventh letter of the alphabet.
G stands for Gardner.
G stands for Golomb.
G stands for Games.
G stands for Georgia.
Gardner contains 7 letters.


G can be filled with the 12 pentominoes above, and so can the numeral 7. While the solution is not unique, it is charming. Enjoy!

Solve the G and 7

This G is part of a complete alphabet, named “Belles Lettres,” that Kate designed for the 12 pentominoes in 1983. As all the world knows by now, it was Martin Gardner’s popularizing of pentominoes that inspired Arthur C. Clarke to include them in his sci-fi classic, Imperial Earth, whence Kate was inspired to create a product line of recreational mathematics, strongly in the polyominoes and polyforms genre, "for the joy of thinking".

The year 2005 marked the 25th anniversary of Kadon Enterprises, Inc., and of Kadon’s flagship, the pentacube set, Quintillions®. We here also celebrate the patriarch of polyominoes, Solomon W. Golomb, without whose work and inspiration none of this would have come to exist.

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