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The attendees of the 8th Gathering for Gardner in March 2008 were invited to a gala Japanese-style social at the home of Tom Rodgers, founder and organizer of G4G. Besides lavish buffets of Japanese delicacies there were multiple sculptural and mega-puzzle constructions throughout the lovely gardens. The largest was a dome built of bamboo poles fastened by strong rubber ties, in a Buckminster Fulleresque geodesic arrangement so strong that at its completion the guests were invited to climb it on the outside and then drop in through the opening at the top.

Under the gentle influence of saki consumed from a hollow bamboo vial, Kate allowed herself to be tempted to make the ascent. The first photo shows an agile young lady (the fabulous Vi Hart) atop the structure, proving it could be done. The others record the derring-do of the puzzlelady, who was still nursing a not-yet-healed broken finger. Thanks to Marc Pelletier for lending two strong arms to aid the descent through the roof onto a ladder, and thanks to David Kelly for capturing the progress digitally.

Bamboo dome invites climbers  

Upward mobility   Almost there

Through the roof

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