Detailed view of: Diamond Star

The tiles consist of all the shapes of one, two or three diamonds that can be overlaid on a tiling of stars and hexagon rings. Oddly enough, that produces the 23 pieces above, for a total of 57 unit rhombs that exactly cover the classic Diamond Star pattern.

Fitting the tiles together can create the optical illusion of a field of two-color stars, framed by the third color. Each pair of colors occurs — white/gray, white/black, and gray/black. The frame of one becomes the arms of another star.

One particular challenge is to find attractive symmetrical arrangements that have no two diamonds of the same color adjacent, or that have complete stars embedded. Find shapes that are groups of cubes joined, or that are convex (very hard). Have fun solving the patterns in the book, then see how many others you can create. The diagram at right is the solution key to the star pattern.

And when you have assembled the pattern in the tray, use it as the gameboard to play a cool strategy game, Rhombomania. Pawns are included for 2 and 3 players.

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