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Christopher Clark's perfectionism

# Christopher Clark with newly sawed gameboard Chris with his trusty circular saw and a freshly sawed gameboard. Only the best quality of plywood is used.

# Checkers and horses in process The Transpose checkers Chris paints individually by hand, then finishes them with several coats of satiny polyurethane to protect the beautiful grain. Each playing piece gets a felt pad on the bottom to cushion its placement on the gameboard.

# The finished job

The proud craftsman with the finished boards. Every line and detail has been painstakingly handpainted, including racing stripes on the bottom, and polyurethaned for a beautiful, durable finish. The boards get rubber feet as well. Notice Chris' "galloping" T-shirt. On the left is the Transpose board; on the right is Gallop. The playing pieces are set up in their start positions, ready for play. Your move!

Chris' workroom Chris' overcrowded but very tidy workroom. His attention to detail, accuracy and uncompromising quality are an inspiration to all of us at Kadon.


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