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Kate was invited to the 27th annual International Puzzle Party of puzzle collectors and designers, held in August 2007 in Gold Coast, Australia. Logistics coordinators were the indefatigable Brian and Susan Young, who have their own puzzle shop, Mr. Puzzle, in Tamborine, Queensland, Australia.

The hard-working committee headed by Frans DeVreugd of The Netherlands also arranged for some fantastic trips and excursions around Australia before and after the Puzzle Party itself. Here's a page of Kate's and Dick's stories and photos of The Australian Adventure.

Kate's display during the buy-and-sell day of the Puzzle Party included some new puzzles and some of our hardest, as befitted this crowd of world-class puzzle experts:

Kate's display at IPP27  

A typical scene at an IPP is a group of puzzlers engrossed in trying to solve the latest brainstorms of the world's best puzzle designers:

Tackling puzzles

As exchange gifts for the attendees, Kate had designed a special, limited-edition puzzle, SudoKoala, a mix of Sudoku challenges and koala bears, in honor of Australia's most famous tree dwellers. The full description is posted, but not the answers! Samples of SudoKoala bears - click to see the whole setJust click on these escapees from the set to see the whole story.


Kate had also entered one of her new designs in the IPP's annual puzzle design competition as its world premiere. While it did not win a prize, it did confound many of the puzzlers in solving attempts. The 23-tile Diamond Star has black, white and gray diamonds forming a uniquely patterned star design in red frame. The grid is based on a concept of John Ring (a New Zealander!), and incorporates a pawn-movement strategy game by John. You can order Diamond Star in our Tilings and Designs gallery. Check out its optical illusions with 12 overlapping stars. How many can you find?

Diamond Star

Diamond Star tiles

See lots of pictures here from our Australian Adventure.

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