# Shortcut back to Historical Notes, 1982 # Early versions of:# Proteus, Leap and Voido

# Original version of Proteus gameboard   Original style of Leap gameboard, with jazzed-up green mat replacing the original tan Original version of Void gameboard, with vinyl corners to hold playing pieces

# The first versions of our three venerable games consisted of fiberboard with a very dark lacquer finish. On Proteus and Leap we then glued screen-printed mats in a nice tan upholstery vinyl that looked and felt like cowhide. To keep a matching look, we glued vinyl triangles on the corners of the Void board as a parking pad for the pieces waiting to enter the board. The design consideration was that hard objects would rest on soft surfaces. The hollowed-out holding spaces on all three boards were likewise lined with green felt.

Once we ran out of the original sets of boards, we decided to start making them ourselves out of high-quality birch plywood and to engrave the grids with our laser. The vinyl mats of Proteus and Leap found new life as "softpack" or travel sets, and we got mats printed for Void as well. But that's a story for another year.

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