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The crystal balls were originally produced by Len Gordon, an engineer and puzzle inventor, from molds he himself had made, and Len kept us supplied with the parts we needed to make our version of his puzzles. Len and his brother Jerry owned the puzzle company, Gordon Bros. When Len retired around 1990, he sold the molds, the Gordon Bros. name and his remaining inventory to Jerry Gonsalves of Chico, California.

Jerry was able to continue supplying us with the pieces we needed by periodically injection-molding the parts for Warp-30 and the Perplexing and Giant pyramids. When Jerry in turn retired around 2010, the molds became scrap, the spare parts became exhausted, and we were left with whatever parts we still had in stock.

We regret that these interesting and historical ball puzzles have reached the end of the line, the end of an era, after more than 25 years in our care. Unless we can find a way to produce the necessary parts by 3D printing or hand-tooling wooden balls, we will, as of 2015, shortly run out of all of them.

Goodbye, Warp-30, it was a fine run while it lasted. One set remains in our gallery: the jumbo showpiece with giant wood balls we made for a museum exhibit at the turn of the century.

Len wrote a great summary of his ball-packing research with these and other puzzles. You can read it and other well-documented puzzle information on George Bell's puzzle pages.

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