Triangule-8: "Sprouts" solution

When matching the Triangule-8 tiles by color, we can try for various interesting effects. The smallest slender triangles (shown in aqua above) naturally want to make chevrons, not parallelograms, or a combination of the two. To have only parallelograms (they look like bean sprouts to us) was a tough nut, and forming the most possible was an open question. Our best previous result was 19.

On August 26, 2007, our friend Sarah Abdul-Wahid from Washington state was visiting for the first time and saw the Triangule-8 set adorning our wall. Sarah's very smart, so we thought we'd stick her with that hard question right out the gate. With a scientist's determination and resourcefulness, in due course she came up with a new record of 20. Hurray, Sarah!

Later we found a 24 recorded in our files, so if anyone comes up with 25 (the theoretical maximum), we'll award a nice little prize. Send your solution to:

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