Larger image of: Six Disks with teddybears

Here are a couple of sample challenges from the amazing collection of activities that you can explore with just 6 numbers:


Above left: There are 5 rows of 2 bears each, counting horizontal and vertical. Add the numbers of each pair, and you get 5 different sums that are also consecutive: 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. This is just one of dozens of "magic square" types of number puzzles in the Six Disks booklet.

Above right: A circle of bears numbered 1 through 6. Can you rearrange the numbers so that no pair of neighboring bears in the circle has the same sum as any other pair? The arrangement above has two pairs that add to 7.

Happy puzzling! And be sure to challenge a child you know with this charmingly educational set!

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