About Rusticana Sets

These "mixed-media" ensembles interpret several Kadon games also offered in all-acrylic versions. They were originally designed in answer to requests to have more wood, a more "rustic" look, for our displays at Renaissance Festivals. They turned out to be among our loveliest artistic puzzles.

The sets are crafted with passionate precision in lasercut wood, dark and blond, intertwined with luminously tinted transparent acrylics that give a stained-glass effect. The sculptured look comes from thicker wood rising above a plane of thinner acrylic.

Much care goes into selecting just the right composition for each set in its handcrafted, reversible wood display tray. Books for games and puzzle designs are included with each, as well as easels. They are ready to display on the wall, or on easels, as you prefer. They are truly movable art, where you create a different arrangement every time.

Select your preferred transparent acrylic colors—ruby, topaz, amber, amethyst, aqua, sapphire, or crystal clear. These sets are generally custom-made, so please allow extra time when ordering them.

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