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Doris was chosen by Games as one of the 100 best new games for the year 2009, winning first place in the Puzzles category. Here's Robin King's write-up from their December 2008 "Buyer's Guide to Games":
DORIS (1 or 2 players)
Designer:   Zdravko Zivkovic

Doris takes the concept of edge-matching, a feature of many Kadon products, to a glorious new level. Edge-matching puzzles are ones in which some quality of a piece's edge, typically shape or color, is matched to another piece's edge or corner in order to arrive at a solution.

Doris is a set of 24 octagons featuring all possible permutations of three colors. They can abut each other in a way analogous to both Kadon's Multimatch I (color edge-matching squares) and Multimatch II (color corner-matching squares). They can combine the two methods. They can touch each other in ways that involve partial edge-matching and a pinch of vertex-matching.

You can try your hand at solving the numerous figures provided in the full-color booklet, or playing the two suggested games on the included board. Long after your jigsaw puzzles have been given away or consigned to the back of a closet, you'll still be finding new ways to explore this game. — RHK

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