Game inventor: Martin H. Samuel
Martin H. Samuel is a prolific inventor of clean, clever strategy games. They are in the product line of several game manufacturers.

His collaboration on StarSlide has an amusing history. Martin originally asked Kate for some ideas in answer to a Vodka company's request for a game that their patrons could play in their taverns! The shape of the board Kate came up with was tailored to a round brass serving tray. When the deal did not go through, Kate decided it was too good to waste and so published it with Kadon.

This was not Martin's first occasion to design a game inspired by drinking establishments. His visually striking Lucky Seven competitive solitaire is played with cardboard coasters.

For 20 years Martin was also a professional drummer. And for many other years he was a flight attendant on Continental. Having him on board was always a hoot for the passengers and his crew mates. Since his retirement he pursues his many other interests. See his website, Games Above Board.

Born in Kenya and a British subject, Martin enjoys the freedom of the sea and air. Much of his time he lives on his boat:

Say, if you look at the photo long enough, can't you just feel that sea rolling and the boat moving?

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