MiniMatch-II:  other matching shapes

Here are some additional symmetrical shapes to solve by color-matching the 9 MiniMatch-II tiles. Their symmetries can be mirror (reflection), diagonal or rotational. Wherever any two tiles touch each other on edges or at corners, their colors must match. You are welcome to print out this page to add to your MiniMatch-II booklet.

Shapes made of 9 squares evenly joined on their edges are also known as enneominoes. The ones we show here are just a few of the dizzying total of 1285 different shapes. All of those can also serve as a MiniMatch-II color-matching challenge, if you'd like to tackle them. The hardest ones are, of course, the "chunky" shapes that have the most contact edges.

The 8 figures in the last group contain staggered squares and are not true enneominoes, but it's fun to solve such figures by matching the tiles on half-sides. We'll be adding more letter shapes by and by. You are invited to create some yourself and send them to us to add to this collection.

An attractive semi-matching group has matched doubled squares in the center, with no two of the same color touching around the outside edge. Any of the 9 tiles can be in the center. Partial solutions are shown:

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