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The organizations listed here are working hard to provide essential Web services for this and many other Websites. Their services include:
  • the secure server that runs the shopping cart program that makes ordering on our Website so easy, and has a large directory of merchants you'll find useful
  • the Internet Service Provider who has hosted this site since 1998
  • the security testers and certifiers of our credit-card processing
  • the hit counter that counts our visitors
  • the site rings we're a part of, along with other interesting game and puzzle sites
  • the world's encyclopedia of open knowledge—please support it
  • and the people who rate sites for content that's suitable for all ages
We recommend these as good organizations to join or do business with, so if you need such services, please visit them and check out what they can do for you. The listings above and below are all links. Just click on them for access. They'll open in a new window.


We're proud to be members of these WebRings. Here you can visit the other members, and see games, games, games and puzzles, puzzles, puzzles.

The Enigma 49 SiteRing

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The Puzzle Wizards' Ring

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