Our honorary mascot: "Kadon"

We have a namesake: the adorable puppy shown here.

Dayle Hodge, a friend, fan and customer of very long standing, wrote us on December 31, 2001, "I got a dog for Christmas. His name is ... KADON ... Pretty cool, huh? He is a Cairn Terrier. There have been many questions about his name, and I'm always proud to tell them about you and your games."

Thanks, Dayle, that's a fantastic endorsement!

December 2001 — A puppy named Kadon

June 2004 — Kadon is still at home on that sofa

2004 — Love that silvery fur and darling face

2010 — Co-pilot when Dayle travels to square-dance-calling gigs

2010 — Canine geek assists Dayle on thorny software problems

2012 — It's a dog's life...

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